China - Half Way Up the Value Chain, and Growing Rapidly

A conversation with Charles Hsu, Ph.D., Bay City Capital - Part I



00:23:23 - Uploaded by Essinova on February 21, 2009

In this segment, Charles Hsu discusses China's R&D capabilities, the rise of China's biotech industry, and its implications on the U.S. and China healthcare markets.

Mr. Hsu is a Venture Partner at Bay City Capital. He has over 25 years of experience in the life sciences industry, most of which as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist focusing on early-stage life science and health care firms. He has co-founded or invested in over 25 companies, and has served on 15 boards of directors, including Axys Pharmaceuticals, KOSAN, Lexicon Genetics, Biomatrix and Aviron., all of which went public on NASDAQ. Mr. Hsu is active internationally, having worked with several companies in Europe, Israel and Asia. He was a co-founding investor in Asia Renal Care, which became Asia's largest and most profitable independent kidney dialysis provider. He has been a founder, investor, director or advisor with several companies in the Greater China region including Wuxi Pharmatech, Eureka, Progentech and LEAD Therapeutics. Mr. Hsu received his PhD in Genetics and MBA from Stanford University, and an AB degree (Magna cum Laude) in Biochemistry from Harvard. He is frequently invited to speak at conferences and has published articles on the life science opportunities in Asia.

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  • Li Yan says:

    June 8, 2009

    Very encouraging to hear Charles's talk. The key success factor is team of talents. Comapnies that can "transplant" teams of talents with experience and expertise will be the ones rolling out new drugs from China. We all hope that by 2014, a good number of new entities entering human trials will be coming out of R&D companies in China.

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