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WattTime is an app utilizing principles of behavioral economics to motivate users to shift their electricity use to off-peak hours, when the energy source is cleaner (e.g. wind and hydro vs. coal and gas). It was developed during EcoHackSF by a volunteer team including programmers from Google and Climate Corporation, and economics PhD students from UC Berkeley.

The team entered the Cleantech Goes Social Contest organized by the Cleantech Group and Facebook, and advanced to be one of three finalists. This video is the investor pitch by Gavin McCormick, who conceived the wattTime idea.

Read our review of the Contest here.

WattTime has the following features:

~ Load shifting and forecasting: WattTime shows users their energy mix—the percentage of their current power that is from renewable sources. It also forecasts CO2 emissions associated with using energy at different times, and suggests a specific time for users to run appliances. Users can select the ‘I’ll Wait’ button to indicate that they’ll wait to use energy until demand is lower.

~ Compete: The app allows users to compare their energy savings with their friends’.
Team up: WattTime can show how much energy a group of friends are savings, and post notifications like, “Your team only needs 500 more kw to shut down the Barrow Point coal plant today!”

~ Get rewarded: Users get prizes like Amazon.com gift certificates for beating their friends at saving energy.

~ Demonstrated savings: WattTime records energy use and shows the utility the money that wattTime saves them by reducing peak load.

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