Ocean Life: A Learning Series with "Her Deepness", Dr. Sylvia Earle (preview)



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I have always loved the ocean, its vastness and its depth. The ocean can seem endlessly serene and peaceful, yet dangerously powerful—an enigma that is both mysterious and romantic.

Despite my extensive coverage of scientific and environmental issues, I had never given much thought to the state of our oceans until the summer of 2011, when a series of events awakened me to the troubles they confront.

My subsequent explorations into marine science and ocean conservation led me to Sylvia Earle, world-renowned as “Her Deepness” and “Hero for the Planet” for her conservation efforts. A scientist, explorer, and author, she perhaps knows more about the world's oceans than anyone else and has dedicated her life to saving them.

Dr. Earle has been to places that few other humans have ever seen. In 1970, she led a team of 5 female aquanauts who lived for weeks in the ocean performing research. In 1979, she walked “untethered on the sea floor at a lower depth than any living human being before or since” *.

As an explorer, she is fearless. As a scientist, she is inspiring. As a conservationist, she is tireless. As a person, she is purely fascinating. Fascinated as much by her as I am by the ocean, I sat down with her at DOER Marine, one of the three companies she has founded, for an hour-long, thought-provoking conversation.

Here in this video are brief highlights of that conversation. Have a glimpse into the ocean as seen through her remarkable eyes. Get a sense of what you might have never known about the “blue heart of our planet”.

* Academy of Achievements

- BeiBei Song

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