Nexus eWater - Recycling Water and Heat from Showers

Interview with Ralph Petroff, Chairman, Nexus eWater



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We take hot showers for granted. Depending on the type of shower heads and faucets, which may flow at a rate of between 2.5 and 7 gallons per minute, a 10-minute shower consumes 25-70 gallons of water. "This was enough water for an entire family for a whole week prior to the convenience of modern plumbing and is the reason we consume 800% more water per person today compared to 100 years ago"*.

We can all try to reduce shower time and be mindful when we are under the pampering flow, for example shut-off valve to turn off the water while soaping and scrubbing.

We can also install water-saving fixtures such as low flow shower heads and faucet aerators.

One startup in Australia, however, came up with something more radical: a refrigerator-sized device that recycles the entire "grey water" run, as well as captures the heat embedded in it.

During the Cleantech Forum in San Francisoc, Nexus eWater's Chairman, Ralph Petroff, explained to us how the device works and its benefits to utilities, developers and consumers. Let alone to the natural world which is running out of clean water.

* The WaterGeeks

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