Vitae's Computationally-grown Molecules and Four Tough Diseases

Interview with Jeff Hatfield, President & CEO, Vitae Pharmaceuticals during 2012 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference



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Every year at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, the healthcare industry's annual barometer meeting shortly after New Year's, I pick one company to interview. One that is unique and interesting in someway. Usually one that does not yet have a ticker symbol, but mature and promising enough to make it to the highly selective Private Companies track, which represents only about 15% of the 350+ companies presenting back-to-back for four days.

This year my search focused on Alzheimer's Disease. That lead me to Vitae Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company building a portfolio of small molecule compounds using a structure-based drug discovery platform. With these compounds, it turned out, the drug-maker is targeting not only Alzheimer's but also three other naggingly difficult diseases - chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes and atherosclerosis, which also interest me for various reasons. Although a private company, Vitae has not had to look for funding since 2004. On top of that, the company has been voted the Best Place to Work in the State of Pennsylvania for the past two years.

Those were definitely enough intrigue for this year's interview. On the last day of the conference I sat down with the company's President and CEO, Jeff Hatfield.

Listen to the audio interview to hear what he has to say about these therapeutic areas, and how Vitae is addressing them.

- BeiBei Song

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