"Certified Sea Friendly" - LEED for Vessels?

An excerpt from "Into the Horizon and Under the Keel: A conversation with David Rockefeller, Jr., Founder and Chairman, Sailors for the Sea"



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After "Clean Regattas" and "Rainy Day Kits", Sailors for the Sea is currently developing its third program, "Certified Sea Friendly", a voluntary certification program to transform the marine manufacturing industry and make the construction, maintenance and operation of vessels more environmentally friendly, much like LEED for the certification of buildings. David Rockefeller, Jr. calls it "an important dream" of the organization.

In this excerpt, he discusses the thinking behind the program and what he considers as key factors to its future success. Mr. Rockefeller believes this is an area where Sailor for the Sea can partner with entrepreneurs and innovators outside the marine industry to develop a credible program administered by independent, qualified certifiers.

In preparing for the interview, I conducted a quick survey soliciting some comments on LEED. The responses are posted in our blog. Sailors for the Sea welcomes more of your comments as they may help shape the development of the program. -BeiBei Song

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