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Interview with Sofie Qiao, Founder and CEO, LINQ Pharmaceuticals



00:06:24 - Uploaded by Essinova on July 27, 2011

Sofie Qiao, Ph.D. co-founded LEAD Therapeutics in 2006 on the belief of China-based innovation and a hybrid U.S.-China business model. In 2010, with two main products in preclinical development, LEAD was acquired by BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc., validating the company's premise and accomplishments.

With that track record in her belt, and now "older and wiser", Sofie embarked on her next venture, LINQ Pharmaceuticals.

At BioPacific 2011 organized by CABS (Chinese-American BioPharmaceutical Society), I caught up with Sofie to chat about her entrepreneurial reflections developing drugs straddling the two markets and her prospects transitioning between the two ventures.

- Host and Producer, BeiBei Song

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