Data, Sugar, Treasure in the Waste, and Gold in China

Latest trends from Cleantech Forum San Francisco



00:07:56 - Uploaded by Essinova on March 29, 2011

Essinova host BeiBei Song reports on the latest buzz heard from the Cleantech Forum San Francisco, including the convergence of cleantech with IT in water and transportation; cool technologies such as photosynthetic sugar as biofuel material; mining "gold" in waste beyond recycling and of course, China as the "Big Bear".

Essinova 主持人宋贝贝从“绿色科技论坛旧金山年会”向您报导绿色科技行业的最新动向。

Tags: Cleantech Forum, IT, data, information technology, water smart grid, waste water, solid waste, biofuels, photosynthesis, Cleantech Group, Veolia, Skymeter, TaKaDu, Proterro, Ostara Harvest Power, China



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