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At ChinaTrials 2010 Global Clinical Development Summit, Wei Zhang, Ph.D., President of US-China Anti-Cancer Association announced winners of the USCACA Scholar Award for Clinical, Translational and Basic Cancer Research: Dr. Yong Gao and Dr. Jilong Yao.

The purpose of the USCACA Scholar Award is to reward clinicians and basic researchers from China who performed outstanding clinical/translational or basic research in cancer under supervision of USCACA members at hospitals or research institutions in the US.

Yong Gao, M.D., Visiting Scholar, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Univ of Texas, Houston, won the Award for demonstrating that Sp1 is a critical target of TA and MIT in-human pancreatic cancer therapy; and that betulinic acid could reverse gemcitabine resistance of pancreatic cancer, and effectively suppress the growth, angiogenesis and invasion of pancreatic cancer if synergized with MIT. Dr. Gao's current research focuses on the role of NF-kB signaling pathway in lung cancers; and on targeting VEGF and VEGFR to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and cancer growth.

Jilong Yao, M.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center, won the Award for demonstrating a novel mesenchymal to epithelial reverting transition in Leiomyosarcoma through regulation of slug; and for demonstrating the deletion of the WWOX gene and frequent loss of its protein expression in human osteosarcoma. Dr. Yao's current research focuses on characterizing the genomic signatures of osteosarcoma and the role of MErT in sarcoma response to treatment.

USCACA is a non-profit organization with its mission to:

(a) Facilitate collaborations among Chinese American professionals in the field of cancer research, treatment and prevention;

(b) Promote knowledge and information exchange between the professionals in the United States and China; and

(c) Provide educational information to serve cancer patients, their families, and the community.

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