Whirl Energy - Wind Energy Storage through Buoyancy

Demo by Founder Saben Murray during Cleantech Open 2010



00:03:38 - Uploaded by Essinova on December 21, 2010

Whirl Energy was the last start-up I interviewed during the 2010 Cleantech Open Awards Gala exhibition. I was plenty exhausted by then but the upside-down bottle in a bigger water tube was too curious for me to bypass. As Saben Murry started answering my questions, the young engineer, also a race car fan, appeared as concise and articulate as the idea sounded clever and original.

Can buoys successfully store massive amount of energy as Saben said they could, at reasonably low cost? I have no idea, and the company's tender age (2 months old) is certainly anything but proven, but the creative process behind the idea struck me as a classic example of that of the inventor, the designer, the artist, and of course the problem-solving entrepreneur. I liked the simplicity of "integrating existing mechanical parts into a coherent system", not requiring "serious technical innovation".

Now they need to execute.

- BeiBei Song, Essinova

Tags: wind, energy storage, Whirl, buoyancy


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