Filtration Dynamics - Energy from Wastewater

Demo by COO John Eichinger during Cleantech Open 2010



00:01:57 - Uploaded by Essinova on December 20, 2010

In this interview recorded during 2010 Cleantech Open Awards Gala exhibition, Filtration Dynamics COO John Eichinger explains how the company's Wastewater Filtration Technology can transform energy intensive Wastewater Treatment Plants into energy producing Resource Recovery Plants — with a carbon-negative footprint — attaining a net energy advantage of 3,150 kilowatt hours of electricity per million gallons of wastewater processed.

在2010年度Cleantech Open决赛颁奖大会展览会上,”滤活力“(Filtration Dynamics)公司首席运营官John Eichinger先生向Essinova主持人宋贝贝介绍该公司的污水过滤技术如何可以将耗能严重的传统污水处理厂变成能发电的资源收复厂,实现负值碳足迹,并可从每百万加仑的废水处理中净得3.15兆瓦时的电力。

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