Redwood Renewables Solar Tiles

Demo by CEO Tom Faust during Cleantech Open 2010



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Redwood Renewables develops and manufactures integrated solar roofing tiles designed to accommodate both crystaline and thin film technology for residential buildings.

In this interview, the company's CEO Tom Faust explains their products' competitive advantages, aesthetic appeal and how it's possible for their customers to "live an entire renewable-energy life, without connecting to the grid, all from the roof".

Redwood Renewables distribute their products through residential roofing companies.

“红木可更新产品公司”开发生产兼容晶体和薄膜技术的集成式太阳能屋顶瓦, 供居住房使用。

在这个采访中,该公司首席执行官Tom Faust先生介绍 其产品的竞争优势、美观外表以及其客户如何可以不再需要电网供电,从自家的屋顶就可以实现完全自给自足的可再生能源生活。

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