Systems, Processes and Human Factor Considerations in Hospital Design

Health outcome driving new hospital design - Part 4



00:09:10 - Uploaded by Essinova on November 2, 2010

Thoughtful, intelligent and sometimes surprisingly simple evidence-based design is a source of growing attention when it comes to health innovation. A panel of designers and planners speaks about what dilemmas they face and why all details matter in designing future hospitals.

In this episode, Rob Lister, Medical Products Lead at IDEO describes new challenges he and his colleagues embrace going from designing products to designing systems and processes in the medical arena. Diving into a project from patients' point of view, they discover striking impact of commonly neglected details on the patients' experience.

(Recorded during "The Future of Health Innovation: Bridging Danish and US Innovation in Healthcare" on October 27, 2010 at Stanford University.)

Tags: Future of Health Innovation, Innovation Center of Denmark, SD Forum, hospital design, evidence-based design, Rob Lister, IDEO



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