Health Outcome Driving New Hospital Design (Q&A)



00:08:50 - Uploaded by Essinova on November 2, 2010

Thoughtful, intelligent and sometimes surprisingly simple evidence-based design is a source of growing attention when it comes to health innovation. A panel of designers and planners speaks about what dilemmas they face and why all details matter in designing future hospitals.

The panel addresses two questions in this episode: how the current state of the economy is affecting hospital projects; and what they rely on as the No.1 tool to deal with future uncertainties and fast-changing technologies.

(Recorded during "The Future of Health Innovation: Bridging Danish and US Innovation in Healthcare" on October 27, 2010 at Stanford University.)

Tags: Future of Health Innovation, Innovation Center of Denmark, SD Forum, hospital design, evidence-based design, Amy Keller, John Bendix, George Tingwald, Rob Lister, the Center for Health Design, Herlev University Hospital, Stanford Medical Center, IDEO



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