Hedonism Meets Dietary Intervention

Story of the New Nordic Diet - Introduction



00:03:29 - Uploaded by Essinova on October 29, 2010

In a provocative, yet highly entertaining and humorous presentation during "The Future of Health Innovation", co-owner of NOMA, Claus Meyer, and obesity scientist Arne Astrup discuss how to promote healthy living through the New Nordic Diet. In their conversation, the chef and the scientist, who came from radically different backgrounds and belief systems, explain how and why they joined forces to fight obesity with deliciousness. - Mette McCall, Journalist, McCall Media

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Story of the New Nordic Diet - Chapter 1: The dilemma - health or the pleasure of eating?
Story of the New Nordic Diet - Chapter 2: "Eat your fill" and the emergence of NOMA"
Story of the New Nordic Diet - Chapter 3: The Opus project
Story of the New Nordic Diet - Q&A

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