Greening of the Datacenter

At Sybase Inc.



00:08:19 - Uploaded by Essinova on February 19, 2009

Sybase Inc. encountered a challenge in 2006 - its datacenter would be running out of power the next year, if operated in the same inefficient manner. At the US-China Green Energy Forum in Beijing, Sybase CIO James M. Swartz explains how the company overcame that challenge by 'greening the datacenter", which resulted in reduced power usage, storage efficiency improvements and increased datacenter life expectancy, while avoiding millions of dollars of upgrade cost.

As Chief Information Officer, James Swartz is responsible for all of Sybase’s worldwide systems and information technology infrastructure, allocating and managing global IT resources including data centers, applications development and telecommunications. He has been with Sybase since 2000.

Tags: Jim Swartz, Sybase, datacenter, server virtualization


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