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"The Nordic Chef" and world-renowned nutrition scientist address questions from the Bay Area audience



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"The NOMA concept is about grasping nature at its best".

That's how Claus Meyer started answering the first question from the audience, "will there be a NOMA in San Francisco?" While saying that he puts his hands together, as if scooping up a ball of "edible soil", or a big, juicy watermelon, his passion for food and nature and conviction in his Neuvo Nordic principles clearly visible.

Claus Meyer is a gourmet chef, TV cooking show celebrity and restaurateur in Denmark, whose NOMA Restaurant was awarded the World's Best by Restaurant Magazine this year. Here he shares the stage with Prof. Arne Astrup, a devoted nutritionist from the University of Copenhagen, in a joint presentation to the "Future of Health Innovation - Bridging Danish and US Innovation in Healthcare" audience.

The main episodes of this video series appear in our Health & Medicine column (or through the links below). They tell the story of how the two Danes, who started from nearly opposite belief systems and motivations, were destined to connect with each other and join forces to create the New Nordic Cuisine that is both healthy and delicious.

I decided to share a piece of the series in this column too, because the NOMA concept attempts to reconcile not only our palate and our general health, but also human food consumption and nature, very much in alignment with the sustainable food and agricultural movement we have been covering.

It brought back childhood memories when Claus talked about "digging a hole for winter vegetables". I still vaguely remember how my parents and our neighbors used to preserve cabbage and turnips in late autumn, and store them in big jars in those "holes" in the ground, to prepare for the long Manchurian winter.

I don't miss those winters, but I would certainly opt for preserved cabbage over the "s---" that Claus politely refers to anytime. By the way, we'd typically eat the cabbage in a hotpot, with sliced pork and clear noodles made of potato or green bean starch. An assortment of sauces waits for each person to pick and mix into an individual new sauce to their own taste. One of my favorites of my mom's dishes!

When do I get to try the New Nordic equivalent? -BeiBei Song, Essinova Host

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