The OPUS Project: Spreading the NOMA Values to Larger Population

Story of the New Nordic Diet - Chapter 3



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Astrup and Meyer did not want the New Nordic Diet to be an introverted brotherhood consisting of biodynamic farmers and wannabe Michelin stars. With $20 million in financial assistance from the Nordea Foundation, the OPUS center was born as the chef and the obesity scientist realized that it was too simple an approach to just tell people to cut down on sugar and fat. The palatability and gastronomy now take center stage in the health center advocating satiety and pleasure when eating a diet with right nutritional composition.

The OPUS center has started a five year comprehensive project defining the meals, ingredients and recipes of the New Nordic Cuisine. Meyer’s role is to create a one year meal plan combining the consideration for individual health with the health of the planet while underlining the idea of Nordic identity. Meals based on the indigenous food groups have to be easy to shop for, easy to afford and easy to fall in love with. After leaving Meyer’s kitchen, the recipes are tested in Astrup’s research groups and in randomized trials allowing participants to shop in lab supermarkets where food intake is tracked via barcodes. The OPUS study is to be concluded with a large intervention study in 3000 school children over a six months period.

Meyer concludes by outlining that the Nordic cuisine is neither an attack against French food, Mexican mole, or sushi. Nor is it a crusade against Italian pizza or Moroccan tagine. However, it might be “a declaration of war aimed at the transnational junk and fast food industry dominated by huge, heartless corporations, ruining our health, undermining our independence and damaging our planet.” - Mette McCall, journalist, McCall Media

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