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00:05:33 - Uploaded by on August 9, 2010 The Matchmaker for the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Gabriele Dallmann explains how supports you in all outsourcing and business developments aspects. is an efficient, targeted and easy-to-use-"Web2.0"-tool to find the right partners in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. It saves time and costs in all (out)sourcing, licensing and business development processes, as it fascilitates and accelerates the searching process for appropriate business partners significantly. is particularly advantageous for projects where a special service is required or to offer capacities which are currently available. It is useful for services in all categories and stages of drug development including contract manufacturing, contract research, laboratory investigations, contractual testing, non-clinical and clinical research, active pharmaceutical ingredients, consulting, marketing, registration, in- and outlicensing etc ...

Overview of all currently placed requests & offers:

As a Service Buyer you can do on
- Post your specific requests for service anonymously - and Service Providers who deliver the service or technology you need can contact you via our platform.
- Search for suitable offers placed by Service Providers - and contact those of interest to you.
- Search for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or Intermediates placed by API/Intermediate Manufacturers - and contact those of interest to you.

As a Service Provider you can do:
- Place your service offers - and interested Service Buyers from all over the world can contact you via our platform.
- Screen service requests placed by Service Buyers - and apply to those which are matching to your competencies.



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