Bagasse Products & Packaging - Why We're Big Fans of Bagasse

An overview of bagasse and 3 qualities of bagasse that make it great for food packaging



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What's up everybody - We're coming at you here live from the Viv Biz Club offices in San Francisco, and today we want to talk Bagasse.

We'd like to give y'all a quick overview of bagasse and bagasse food packaging products and then give y'all 3 quick reasons why we're fans of bagasse food packaging.

So here it is - Bagasse, if you don't know, is a discarded by product of the sugarcane production process. Essentially, sugarcane when it's brought to a plant to be processed is squeezed for its juice and the left over remaining fibrous material is bagasse. Bagasse has been traditionally just discarded or it has been used a fuel in some plants to power the sugarcane production facilities, but unfortunately as part of being used as a fuel it does create some pollutants in the atmosphere.

Today, bagasse is being used as food packaging, and here are the 3 quick reasons why we are fans of bagasse food packaging.

#1 - Sustainability. Bagasse comes from sugarcane which is an annually renewable resource. Sugarcane grows very quickly and by using it for food packaging you're preventing it from either being discarded or being used as a fuel which does create pollutants in the atmosphere.

#2 - If you've ever held a bagasse product before or if you've gotten a good look at a bagasse product, you'll see that it has a very natural feel. The product is textured and it really does look quite natural. This is important particularly when bagasse products end up in commercial composting facilities (which is a key part of taking advantage of the environmental benefits of bagasse). When they land in those facilities, it's very easy to identify that this is a bagasse product, that it belongs in a commercial composting facility, that it's going to break down, and that it shouldn't be sorted out of that facility.

#3 - The third thing that we're big fans about when it comes to bagasse is simply the quality of the products. Bagasse products are very durable. They're just very sturdy and one of the best things about them as well is that they hold up very well to high heat levels. You can put soup into a bagasse product, you can put a variety of hot foods and you're going to get a little bit of perspiration at the bottom of the product, but otherwise it's going to take care of that heated food very well.

So, that's what we got for you on bagasse products. If you want to learn more, head over to, and let's say goodbye to bagasse!

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