The Evolving China VC Market

Presentation by York Chen, Founding Managing Partner,
iD TechVentures (slides only; no audio)



00:05:10 - Uploaded by Essinova on July 20, 2010

Nascent, limited and not yet mature, RMB onshore fund is nonetheless "a trend of no return", which foreign GPs and LPs should monitor and proactively react to. In this presentation, York Chen highlights his personal observations on China's VC market, the convergence of foreign and local GPs, and RMB fund with Chinese characteristics.

iD TechVentures Inc. ("iDT"), formerly known as Acer Technology Ventures, is a leading early stage tech venture investor in Greater China. iDT started its operation in early 2000 with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei, managing four funds of total US$400 millions. iD TechVentures' investment focuses are broad IT, Cleantech and Consumer.

York has been one of the most active venture capitalists in China and termed by media as a “VC Evangelist” and “VC Scholar” unselfishly sharing his deep observation and advice on China VC market to peer groups at home and abroad.

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