Green Energy in China

Interview with Dr. Zhao Zhongxian, Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Chinese Academy of Science



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Dr. Zhao Zhongxian delivered a keynote address at the "US-China Green Energy Conference: Fueling a Clean Energy Future", organized by Asia Society Northern California and US-China Green Energy Council, held at the PG&E Auditorium in San Francisco on April 18, 2008. This conference and two larger conferences to follow in China later in November this year represent the beginning of an effort to encourage long-term partnerships between clean energy policymakers, researchers, business people and investors in the two countries.

In this interview, Dr. Zhao highlights wind power and biogas as two promising clean energy solutions in meeting China's energy demands. He also identifies a number of promising areas for Silicon Valley-China collaboration, and shares his views on government regulation and public awareness in energy conservation and environmenal protection.

Dr. Zhao is also the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and Director of the Academic Committee, Institute of Physics National Laboratory for Superconductivity.

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  • Thomas Toy says:

    June 19, 2009

    I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Zhao recently. I think he makes several good points here. There is great room for innovation, though I'll add that innovation is rarely rewarded quickly in this sector. I see a lot of room for there to be a "two-way springboard" between China and Silicon Valley on such innovation. I note the developments happening in the labs at Beida's (Beijing University's) Shenzhen campus (which I toured last year) where a number of basic research projects in cleantech areas are ongoing. There are also some interesting connecting-of-dots going on; for example the connections between best-and-brightest on different continents. The Q-Cells-Solarfun (on whose board I sit) project is one such interesting connection. Lastly, not at all to diminish what China is doing to move forward a green initiative, there are important energy security advantages that the country will gain as well; I'm sure this is not lost on the Chinese Government.


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