Past, Present and Future of Green

Keynote address by Steve Westly, Managing Partner, The Westly Group



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Steve Westly addresses the Chinese Software Professionals Association on opportunities in clean technology. Mr. Westly likens the historical significance of clean tech today to the Rennaisance in the 14th century, and predicts that clean tech will surpass semiconductor as the second largest venture invested sector in 2-3 years. Mr. Westly considers China as both a major pollutor and an emerging leader in the global green economy.

Prior to founding The Westly Group, Steve Westly served as the Controller and Chief Fiscal Officer of the state of California - the world's sixth largest economy. As Controller, he chaired the State Lands Commission and served on 63 other boards and commissions, including CalPERS and CalSTRS, the nation's two largest public pension funds, which together invest more than $350 billion. During his four-year term, Mr. Westly spearheaded innovative tax programs that helped close the State's budget deficit and also led an effort to commit more than $1 billion to clean technology investments. In the 2008 election cycle Mr. Westly served as a state co-chair and a National Finance Committee member of the Obama for America campaign.

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