Green Leases: Meeting Stakeholder Objectives

Presentation by Louise Adamson, K&L Gates LLP



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At the Second US-China Green Energy Forum, Louise Adamson of K&L Gates LLP highlights the environmental impact of buildings, the sustainable development drivers, the green lease benefits to all stakeholders, and explains the LEED rating system.

Louise represents both corporate and individual clients in a wide variety of real estate and business transactional matters. She has substantial experience with real estate acquisition and disposition, leasing, financing, development, construction, and tax deferred exchanges. She has an in-depth understanding of sustainable building practices, and as a LEED-AP, has the expertise necessary to assist clients with the LEED certification process as well as rapidly evolving government regulations. Further, LEED accreditation enhances Ms. Adamson's ability to interface with design, construction and operations professionals to ensure that sustainability goals are effectively and holistically implemented. Ms. Adamson has developed a first-of-its-kind green leasing program which not only integrates sustainable building practices but also tracks the LEED rating system through each stage of the lease negotiation process so that the lease itself facilitates LEED certification for the tenant space. Ms. Adamson is also one of more than 50 lawyers involved in the firm’s climate change practice, a multidisciplinary team that assists clients in the public, private and non-governmental organization sectors to understand and address the complex challenges and emerging opportunities presented by global climate change and sustainable development. Ms. Adamson currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the City of Orinda Planning Commission.

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