Beijing Olympics Green Buildings

US-China collaboration on green buildings for the 2008 Olympic Games



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Joseph Huang, President, White Box Technologies, shares his involvement in the LEED rating of the Olympic Village and the designing of a "micro-energy" building within the Village, which was to be used as an athlete reception area during the Games and a kindergarten for the Village after the Games. Filmed on October 23, 2009 during the US China Green Energy Forum.

Joe has many years of experience in building energy simulations, was involved in the development of DOE-2 and EnergyPlus, (Building Information Modeling Software now offered to the public by the California CEC). He provided simulation support for ASHRAE building energy standards and DOE39s EnergyStar Windows program, as well as numerous R&D projects in the US and elsewhere. Joe first brought DOE-2 to China in 1985, and has been working with MOHURD in developing China39s building energy standards since 2000, and a window energy rating system since 2002. He was the technical lead for several US-China building energy projects, including the Agenda 21 demonstration energy-efficient building (the first LEED Gold office building in China) and recently the Beijing Olympic Village. He is now developing for ASHRAE typical-year weather data for over 2,800 international locations, including over 300 in China. Joe has also worked extensively abroad, including the development of building energy standards in Mexico, Vietnam, Egypt, Sri Lanka, India, and of course, China.

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