Intel Open Energy Initiative

Presentation by John Skinner, Director, Eco-Technology,
Intel Corporation, at US-China Green Energy Forum



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The Intel Corporation, an environmentally-minded company and the leading private consumer of green energy in the United States, actively applies its expertise in microprocessors to the development of the smart grid. Through the Intel Open Energy Initiative, Intel seeks to “drive open standards which accelerate the integration of, and synergy between, intelligent renewable energy sources, smart grids, smart buildings, and empowered energy consumers.” To these ends, the company works to influence government policy conducive to smart grid development, leads discussion of smart grid standards, partners with utilities on test programs, develops smart energy technologies, and strategically invests venture capital.

Intelligence in the smart grid, Mr. Skinner said, must be distributed throughout the grid, much as power generation itself will come from many different places in the grid. The continued shrinking of the size and cost of microprocessors helps to make this possible. For instance, a modern wind turbine itself contains up to 16 Intel microprocessors, enabling the turbine to respond in real time to wind variables and changes in electrical load requirements. At the other end of the system, microchips enable smart meters in homes to communicate household demand and household generation to smart substations. Microprocessors will be integrated into every leg of the smart grid. The effectiveness of this “distributed intelligence,” Mr. Skinner said, depends on its standardization, so that different providers in different grid sections can coordinate their systems.

John Skinner is Director, Eco-Technology at Intel Corporation, and an Alternate Board Member, Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

(Summary written by Jacob Croegaert, UC Davis)

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