Green Careers: High Speed Rail

From Phoenix Learning Group


Uploaded by Essinova on November 4, 2009

"We visit Toyota Motors where automotive designers, engineers and managers are teaming up to create the cleaner, more efficient cars of tomorrow. We then follow the new breed of construction inspector who makes sure todays highway construction meets new environmental standards. Lastly, we examine the plans from high speed rail consultants, planners and urban designers who are using the newest information technology to reconfigure Americas future transportation corridors and the urban centers theyll connect. Green transportation will be a new pathway to jobs in construction, design, engineering, finance, and management.

Jobs profiled in this program include:
Automotive Design, Green Highway Construction, High Speed Rail Design, Project Planner, Engineering Manager."

- Phoenix Learning Group

Tags: Green Careers, Transportation, Automotive Design, High Speed Rail, Electric Car Engineering, Phoenix


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