Arizona Opens Door to Solar Industry

Arizona Officials Announce Renewable Energy Initiatives to Intersolar 2009 Participants



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At a press conference during Intersolar North America 2009, the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council leaders pitched to industry participants on behalf of the State of Arizona, highlighting its landmark legislation that opens the door for renewable energy and solar companies to expand in the state. The program rewards companies for locating in Arizona and for creating jobs and making investments there. Benefits include refundable corporate income tax credits and real and personal property tax reduction. Also announced is a direct collaboration with California which sets out to build 800,000 energy-efficient homes over the next 15 years, and “a combined market averaging 5 million square feet of new commercial industrial space, starting in 2011”. As the “first state to establish a solar energy standard”, Arizona plans to put “more solar panels on rooftops, per capita, than any other state in the country”. With these initiatives, Arizona is demonstrating its ambition to become the “Solar Energy Hub of the World”.

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