Suntech's Perspective on U.S. Solar Policy and Market Outlook

An Interview with Steve Chadima, VP of External Affairs



00:18:02 - Uploaded by Essinova on August 19, 2009

Suntech is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of solar energy solutions. Having established a strong position in Europe, Asia and Australia, the company entered the emerging U.S. market, establishing a headquarter in San Francisco in 2008 after two years of preparations.

In this interview by Essinova host BeiBei Song during Intersolar North America 2009, Steve Chadima, VP of External Affairs at Suntech America, comments on the current U.S. solar market outlook and public policy environment. In his view, with tax incentives, R&D grants in the Stimulus package and DOE loan guarantees, major federal policies are fairly well-established but "the state [level] is where it's happening", with Renewable Policy Standards ("RPS") as the primary driver. The conversation highlights aspects of the European and California incentive systems that he considers good role models for America and other states, respectively, as well as areas where he expects adaptation and divergence. Having been navigating the country's diverse policy landscape, going state by state, Mr. Chadima shares his perspective on a number of states in particular. He also touches upon the company's branding, marketing and distribution strategy in anticipation of a more market-oriented environment.

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