Essinova is a media channel and a community for life sciences and clean tech industries. It aims to be a humble platform for spreading ideas and solutions, utilizing the power of new media. It is a place where people and companies can communicate innovative concepts, technologies, products, services and methodologies to investors, customers, partners and collaborators effectively and cost-efficiently. It is also a place where journalists, analysts and observers can research and report on science, technology, healthcare and environmental issues, and where member participants can evaluate, endorse or critique potential solutions. We aggregate quality content from esteemed sources on these issues. We produce our own interviews and documentaries on subjects of interest to our viewers. We also create multi-media marketing communication materials for our clients.

Essinova represents pioneering spirit, unconventional thinking, and purposeful pursuits backed by pragmatism and sharp know-how. We hope to be an online home for entrepreneurs and trailblazers. We aspire to become a brand associated with companies both doing well and doing good. We want to spread best practices among peers, encourage cross-learning among different disciplines, foster responsible business journalism, and facilitate dialogue and understanding between industry and the general public.

This platform will only be effective if you participate. We invite you to join us, and use Essinova as a tool to discuss, debate, educate yourself and others; promote your enterprise or causes. We welcome expertise on the "nuts and bolts" of business operations, as well as "big-picture" debates on controversial issues. We welcome visualization of frontier science, as well as stories of people in real life. If Essinova is a canvas, your participation will make it into a vibrant and dynamic collage, reflecting the art, science, and sometimes dilemmas, of business for human progress. The Essence of Innovation.